Thursday, May 8, 2014

Constant testing

Here is the count.  Landon has been in EI since about 10 months.  He was out for a short period, which only added up to more testing.  He has had 21 evaluations now, 21!! 6 for speech, 6 OT, and the rest are gross motor and then cognition.  He is smart.  I know it, but he is stubborn.  He won't do it unless he wants to and that is that.  I can get him to do things and so can people who knows him, but a stranger coming in, no way.  Today he finished his fourth and final evaluation of this transition to Prek process with throwing blocks at the SLP who asked him to do something with them.  The OT called me and said he got a 76 on the Peabody, which is a difficult test, and to me, is showing nice progress, but said she saw some behaviors she wanted to mention.  i hate the behaviors things, because then i think everyone is thinking ASD.  I applaud all of you who wanted to  have your kid seen by a neurologist or dev. pedi so young and wanted to seek out a diagnosis to get a lot of services, but I don't want to.  Unfortunately, I work with many kids with diagnoses that no longer fit but are stuck on them. I won't do that to Landon, nor do I think not cooperating with a test should get you a dx. Just my 2 cents.  Landon is engaging, happy, funny, and does well in situations where they are not a lot of words involved. He has sensory concerns, and speech concerns, and I want him in a program to address those.  In NYS, you can get in with a label of preschooler with a disability and that is my intention.  I know he has apraxia and will continue to treat as such.  Now it's 4 more weeks till his meeting and I can't wait till we can move on from the testing and into a program that understands him.  21 evals and now 2 years off till the next  one... Thank you JESUS!!

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