Friday, January 9, 2015

How can you find a special needs mom?

For me,  I can spot them more easily now.  On Fb, I figure it out because they are the only people not posting brag videos or posts constantly, and when we hit a milestone, or learn a new skill, we never post it, because it may be a year after your child hits it.  So, we don't share most of that publicly.  I have had two old work friends either recently give birth to a child with special needs, or catch up with another, to find out her almost two year old gets a variety of services and is globally delayed.  Both have typical first children.  I hate to throw pity in here, but somehow, some reason, God chose me to have both my children getting services.  I hate that.  That's so not fair.  one is enough.  I feel less alone when i find others, and I find they are experiencing the myriad of feelings I do:  we are amazed by the hard work and progress, but of course, worried sick.  I am getting closer to posting more on my own fb, but I would like to weed through and only post to those who I feel would be supportive.  I am getting there.

And my other random thought is two things I won't miss when we are past these apraxia days:
1) being my kids' (both as Logan is frustrated and hitting now too) punching bag
2) whining

Am I the only mom who does the sign of the cross on herself multiple times a day asking for God's grace and patience? Lol.  I do and I just keep PRAYING.

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