Friday, January 23, 2015

a hard part for me

Landon's school staff seems to LOVE him.  The email last week said when he comes in, they fight over who will get to play with him first, since he is a favorite.  He loves all of them.  That is such a good feeling.  Words can't describe that to you.

I have had to rely on a lot of help to get Landon to and from his preschool.  I have two nannies hired and then my in laws.  Somedays I wonder how it all goes together. Previous to this, we did not see or spend a great deal of time with my in laws.  I actually really never liked how they interacted with Landon.  I remember once he was sick, throwing up, and they HAD to come over to visit, had to.  He was in my arms and was about 11 months old.  They snatched him from my arms to take a picture with him, and he flipped out.  After that, for about the next 5 months, whenever they entered our house, he would start crying.  It was interested, and even then, I knew Landon could read people very well.  They are with him M Th Friday am from 715-845.  It's so hard for me to leave sometimes.  Weird I know.  I want him challenged more.  I know grandparents are supposed to just make things easy for kids, but it is hard.  It's interesting because he loves them now.  He never did, and now he does. Landon has a knack for loving others and making others feel comfortable with him.  One email I got last week from his classroom staff said Landon will go far in life, and others will miss out if they don't take the time with him.  He can be easily dismissed, especially with the lack of speech.  Here was the email: " Landon has that glow that will take him far in life- while others may have to wait a little bit to get to know him, Landon will accept that and forge ahead. "

I am humbled by my baby's hard work and dedication.  He is truly my hero.

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