Saturday, September 20, 2014

The birthdays

Landon is almost 3!! Tuesday! It's hard to gauge his total understanding of this since he cannot communicate it to me, but he noticed the decorations up this morning, and we have been singing happy bday and talking about how he will be 3 soon for awhile.  We have also been saying today there is a party, etc.  Birthdays can be hard.  When Landon was turning 1, I was so nervous/upset that he could not self feed.  It was hard to watch at the 1st bday.  The 2nd bday, I knew he should be able to start to blow out a candle and he couldn't.  Guess what- he still can't, but I worry less about that now.  This year, it's talking.  I just want him to talk.  I don't even if he can never blow out a stupid candle- that does not matter.  I just want him to be able to speak whatever he wants to say.  It's always waiting for thenext thing...this thing is the biggest thing though.  Speech is the key to everything.

But he is making lots of improvements in many ways and we keep praying.

and no matter what, I would never want another little boy.  I love my Landon.

Happy 3rd baby boy.

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