Thursday, September 18, 2014

Week two at school and update on Logan

First, I have been thinking of this statement all the time:  HOW DID I EVEN GET HERE?!? It goes from worrying that my baby isn't crawling to being in a special needs school.  I sit and I have no idea how I have even got here, or why this is happening, BUT I have to hold my head up high, do what is best for my baby, and be strong.  I have to be strong, stronger than I feel.

Week two is better in that Landon is running into the school and the teachers say he LOVES school (he is his mother's son after all) and he seems happy throughout the day.  He is struggling in play- it is mostly imaginative, creative, pretend type play, and he doesn't have the words or motor skills to engage in that for long, but they brought in some familiar toys and are setting up things that he likes and then he doesn't try to leave the classroom. He loves to read and he has a few favorite books now.  There is a visual schedule for him for transitions and that helps.  The SLP is using LAMP (AAC app) with him and she said on Tues, the first time she introduced it, he made a two word phrase appropriately and independently and that he is very smart.  That made me happy.  He even used it today to say he was finished with an activity independently, which before would have been a tantrum.

Cons: No communication at all from OT/PT yet.  I have sent emails, written in the notebook, and nothing.  How do I get them to respond?  I want to know what everyone is doing with him and communication hasn't been that good.  Then I  have 3 different ppl pick him up on various days and I feel out of the loop, but overall, I am proud of Landon.

Logan just turned 17 words:  He has some consonants in babble now, yes babble, and yes reduplicated- b, m, n, w, and h.  He has 2 vowels.  He cannot point yet or use a straw.  He is doing much better with motor skills and uses kiniesio tape to support his trunk and core.  He is tired with adjusting 2 one nap and daycare, but he is also working very hard....

That's it for now...

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