Friday, July 25, 2014

Progress/double edged sword

I don't really like much to be around typical kids.  Horrible I know.  Only one I am around that I enjoy is Nicky, and he is definitely very typical.  He is actually advanced in most areas, so I try to remember that when I see him do things! He is good to Landon.  It's hard.  When your child is struggling with something, you go to a place where you try to look for good all the time, for progress, for happy signs.  I do remember in the beginning, the deficits were not so obvious.  i could see them because I am in this field, but i was in such a happy place.  Even as an SLP, I am not as aware of appropriate speech/language development, because I rarely see it.  Most of the kids I work with are so far behind.  Most of my kindergarten students are using maybe 3-4 word utterances.  They didn't get as intensive or early of intervention for sure.

Anyways, we look for the positives and we don't compare to each other.  I just go month to month.


Landon is using two hands together now.  He loves to do the puzzle with the fishing pole or magnets on the end and he is so good at concentrating.  He doesn't get frustrated if he can't get to it first.  That is huge progress, just steadying and using his hand, taking the other hand to get the piece off, and not getting mad.  I remember when he was first evaluated, he threw everything if he could not do it the right way immediately.  He was so frustrated with his motor planning.

Landon is using more signs.  He can say more, all done, again, please, eat, open, and some others.  He uses these sometimes in the wrong spot, like saying again when he means more, but the motor planning required to sign is hard and I am proud of him.

Landon is doing the stairs without the railing, if they are not too steep.  He can jump very well now. He is working on jumping forward.

Landon is happier.  He is much happier being home and being supported.  He is showing more empathy.  He is loving logan and kissing him all the time.  He tries to invite him to play anyway that he knows how to.  It is sweet.

Landon can almost take his shirt off.  I have to help to start the process.  He can get a coat/sweatshirt off, if I help with the zipper.  He has no interest in getting his shoes off, and i need to work on that.

Repetitive behaviors have diminished to mostly visual processing.  We started cod liver oil and maybe that is helping.

Speech: he has some more words and is trying hard.  He has more sounds.  The words I hear everyday are: yum, mama, more, yea, look.  They are approximated often, but getting better.  Not usually done on command, but will randomly run over to me saying mama.  it is sweet.  He is getting good at answering questions best he can.  We are working on functions/descriptions of items.  We play a lot of memory and I have him look for something we can eat, or an animal, or something cold.

Landon is working hard.

Next time I post, i will write about my Logi bear.


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