Monday, July 28, 2014

Logan Gabriel- 15 months

Logan's development is similar to Landon's in some ways, and others, not so much.  He does not give up as quickly, but now, neither does Landon.

My biggest worries are:
at 15 months, Logan has no words and he is not babbling.  He is using some sounds, but not in reduplicated babbling, or anything.  Sometimes he says /ma/ or /mama/, /na/, and /eh/. He also says /ah/.  He was only cooing a month ago, so I guess this is some progress.

He will drink out of an open cup if I hold it for him.

He will take bites of food I hold- I worked on that with Landon till past 2, so I was happy he was able to do that.

He can drink from the honey bear straw cup with some assistance.

He will not self feed.  He is doing better with Kix and I am focusing on just that food for now.

He does not mouth toys.

He is learning to walk, but lacks trunk/core support to go for too long, but that's ok.  Crawling is good for the body.

He is clapping since 8 months.  He can wave and he waves at people he sees.

He is beginning to whole hand point.

He has good joint attention and checks my reaction when playing all the time.

Gut feeling: apraxia

Other gut feeling:  He will be ok.

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