Thursday, April 17, 2014

visual schedules

I use visual schedules with many of my groups at school.  It helps them know how much they have to accomplish, especially if a task is difficult. I asked for one to be up at school for him in November.  I offered to make it.  We had another meeting about it in February.  I asked again, said it would be good for my son; he doesn't need to guess how much longer till gym and he could point to say he is looking forward something or to comment.  it never got made.  I sent another two emails saying I would make it myself again and then asked if it was done.  The teacher said she would do it over the weekend.  i know this is daycare, but it is still best practice for all kids.  Today, I find out, Landon does great with transitions, so there is no need.  WTF?!?! Why did I even go to those two meetings to find a way for him to be more successful, plus she didn't tell me; she told one of his therapists.  I am very much so over this daycare.  I would like to pull him now, but I don't know if he will get into summer school and I don't want to keep changing things for him.  His notes say stupid stuff- today he is sick again, so it said threw a few toys today, picked up when asked.  i don't know why I need to know that.  This is probably all just venting. I am not there with my son and I just don't need to know the negatives.  It's hard enough that your kiddo can't talk.  It drives me mad.  None of these ppl have obviously had a "special needs" kid.  BLAH

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