Sunday, April 6, 2014

Not much to update

We keep trucking along here.  We have a sensory diet checklist in place for landon to increase his body awareness (can't find his nose on his body, but sees it on everyone else's)  He likes the activities and I purchased a therapy ball and some weighted balls to leave at daycare.  I think he is still very bored at daycare and frustrated.  I guess he was hitting himself in the face out of frustration once this week.  How horrible that he can't communicate and they can't find a way to help him.  I called the ECDC- Early Childhood Development Center and they go into daycares for free and give ideas and give presentations on varying needs.  Our daycare would have to agree to this, but the lady on the phone advised me to call the state licensing board, since they are not following through with Landon's program. I did that once at his first daycare, and got kicked out.  I am not sure what to do.  no visual schedule, no picture cues, there is nothing in place that we discussed at our first meeting in November, then again in February, nothing.  i talked to the teacher again on Friday and she promised the visual schedule would be up this week.  Then they moved all the kids up in his class, but him.  They moved little kids up with him, just turning 2.  All of his friends are gone.  I did not realize this. On Friday, when I picked him up, he ran over and pointed to this kid named Alex who was in the kitchen area with him.  Sometimes the kids are mixed towards the end of the day, so I just said Alex when he pointed to him, but now I think he was definitely trying to tell me that he was new to the room since he showed him to me. I don't think that's right to hold him up because of his speech.  He loves Elijah and Elijah is gone.
Logan is definitely on his way to apraxia :(  he will not take a sippy cup or anything like that near his mouth- flips out.  He will not feed himself, but he will pick up food, and he fights a lot of solids. He also choked and threw up over these carrots last weekend, so since then, he has been extra cautious, plus feeling sick. He is not babbling.  I referred him for speech therapy too.  My only hope now is that he is not as severe as Landon.  Funny how some people don't do much and their kids have no issues, other people are SLPs and do speech from day one, and can't control it.  Life is not fair.

Have a blessed Sunday,


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