Thursday, April 17, 2014


My sweet Logan Gabriel is 1!!!! He is so cute and adorable and happy and has the best laugh and and and and... and I LOVE HIM.  This past year has been the most difficult i have had since my dad remarried.  To see both of my kids not meet milestones, despite working so hard with them, has been disheartening, but there is a joy when they do something we have worked towards and I do feel so proud.  Logan is another smart little cookie.  he understands so many social cues and situations already. He is now able to crawl, pull up, cruise, and get anywhere he wants to.  He is strong.  I did not have to show him any of these steps like Landon; he just needed the core strength, but he is not babbling yet.  He is supposed to have a word at 1, and no real sounds aside from /m/ yet, but that's what it is.  I say bababababa over and over to him and I massage his little/big cheeks for sensation work and I work on feeding, and I can't force him.  He is starting speech soon, 1x per week, and I can do the rest.  So now call me, FULL TIME SLP to 40 high needs kiddos at school....anything from apraxia, autism, auditory processing, dyslexia, learning disabilities, selective mutism, ODD, language delays, fluency, etc, etc, to a FULL TIME SLP to my kiddos too.  I don't push them though; it is all through play.

What can Logan do well?? laugh, smile, hug, kiss, read books, persist, get anywhere, eat food if I put it in his mouth, try to hug Landon constantly lol, loves bath, loves mommy, knows when he is doing something he is not supposed to, and he understands so much already.

We love you, LG...let's focus on all the positives because both my kids are made for me.

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