Friday, April 11, 2014


Landon gets frustrated sometimes.  He likes to hit.  Sometimes when he hits. it's not frustration, but when you tell him no. He sits in time out usually without leaving, but cries when he is there.  Other times, he gets mad when he can't communicate. I wish I could be at all the sessions.  I saw that they in his notebook, two therapists wrote that he could go to the door and bang on to try to say that he was all done or wanted to go. I sent a text saying put your hands out, ask if he is all done, and if he is, he will just sign it with your hands, or sometimes his own.  Lo and behold, it worked for him to say he didn't want to play with something, rather than tantrumming.  I think if you work at a school like I do, with may noncompliant, difficult kids, you get all the tricks.  I can motivate most of my kids.  I usually don't have to write a referral and I have so many behavior plans in place here, it's crazy.  I use visual schedule, behavior contracts, whatever, to get to the goal.  Sometimes I think my therapists are just stuck.  I wish I could be at sessions. I need to work on expanding landon's play, but language is a big part of it.  One of the schools I toured this week, has play therapy he could get.  Has anyone had their kid get that?  What did you think?


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