Sunday, April 6, 2014


Someone once told me not to look back a week, or a month, but look back greater periods of time, so I try to do that.  Sometimes that makes me sad, too, because say, a year ago, at 18 months, Landon was saying dada, now he doesn't really say it much, but that's ok, i guess it is part of the process!!

But what he has learned to do:
-climb up stairs with the railing
-walk on a balance beam
-assemble any shape sorter
-use a spoon if he wants to
-unvelcro or velcro his shoes
-drink from an open cup
-bite into food
-shake his head no/nod yes
-brush his teeth- not screaming anymore
-identifies colors, numbers, shapes, vocabulary
-follows directions (when he wants to!)
-blow kisses
-wave w/o the Hitler salute he used to do
-has gained a lot of vowels and most consonants
-tries to imitate
-can assemble puzzles well
-follows hand motions to simple songs that he is familiar with
-gained some words
-pairs pointing with approximations now
-use PECs if needed so we know what he wants/need
--SOO close to puckering!!
-tolerates cues to face
-takes turns
-hugs/kisses his friends

Iam sure there is more, but sometimes you need something like this!!

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  1. Love this Kim. One day you will look back and want to know when he did all of these things (talking from experience here), and not just what he's not doing yet.