Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The comments

I have been in Early Intervention with Landon now since age 10 months.  I have heard lots of different comments from evaluators, therapists, agencies, anyone who interacts with him, and many have stung. Some have just stuck in my head, as well meaning comments, or questions/thought, but I have not forgotten.   I thought maybe if I write them down once, i can forget about them..

-"maybe he's behind in gross motor, because he's just so social."
-he has a problem with his thumb, keeps it tucked in (My Bil hated hearing that, said it was ridiculous he was getting services, which really, some of the reasons seemed weird at the time)
-at his 1 year bday party, I had a question about his first word. my BIL looked at me and said, has he had one?   (He had, but maybe they were pop outs)
-At 15 months, Landon was producing lots of jargon, some meaningful, some meaningless. At a family party, someone told me when he talks, he will have a lot to say.
-my babysitter called me and said Landon liked wheels and I needed to have him seen by someone.  He was about 16 months.
-I was out walking with Landon yesterday, and he was talking to me. A neighbor down the street came out and said they thought it was a cat.
-When getting another eval done, the lady told me I was lucky Landon points.
-When checking his hearing, he would not sit still, would not do the test.  The audiologist said he would not follow up with a sedated ABR, as long as I looked into "behavioral testing."
-Everyone i meet says their kid did not talk till 2, 2.5, whatever, but it seems to be getting higher lately.
-My dad said Landon is not a big hugger, which is not true.
-every SLP who looked at me quickly would tell me he does not have apraxia- "he will find his articulators."
-One OT told me Landon would be the type of kid who when asked what he is scared of, will just answer what the kid in front of him said, because he won't be able to think of and produce something else.
-and I have heard too much from this recent daycare to write down.

Apraxia (especially global) is very misunderstood.

We need to do more to get the word out there.

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  1. Oh Kim, I hear you. I love this post because after having Ashlynn I am soooo much more careful in what I say to parents, and even then, I know what I say might hurt unintentionally.