Thursday, July 16, 2015


Inclusion is a fantastic thing.  It includes everyone and all children are exposed to kids who learn differently.  I don't know but it bothers me so much when I am the reason your child checks the box for being inclusive, or you can say that you child has a friend who does not talk, or has trouble with using utensils, or whatever.  I don't know if I just sit here in denial, but I hate it.  I just hate it.  To me, Landon and Logan are regular little boys.  They have needs, but we don't want to be in your kids' class, so you feel good about yourself for being inclusive.  That is probably not what those parents mean, but still.  It's different when you are on the other side and you want your child to just fit in, not be singled out. 

The other side is so hard.  We want you parents with typical kids with tears hidden behind our sunglasses.  We are so envious that you are not worried about finding a school that will take your child.  We lose sleep at night thinking about how our child will ever make it out there without us. 

I had a dream that Landon was talking. It was beautiful.  I ache so badly for that.  It just hurts. I want nothing more than for him to speak.  Once he can speak, I can worry less, I know he can at least communicate his needs, be able to tell me something that happened, and not be seen for less intelligent than he is.

I think so far in advance and am so stressed thinking about moving, finding a good program for Landon, thinking should be go to K or not.

It's not fair that parents of typical kids can keep their kids back no issue.  We have to fight for it.  It makes no sense.  The whole process here is ridiculous.  Alex won't leave New York, so we are stuck.

PLEASE-----Speech progress!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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