Saturday, July 25, 2015


We read a lot of books about stuck.  One Duck Stuck is one of Landon's favorites and then Sheep in a Jeep, where they get stuck again.  We are stuck too.

I think it's just part of this apraxia, but the progress moves so slowly, that you work on the same things over and over and over. 

When Landon was 2, I was working on blowing out candles.  He will be 4, and he can't do it yet.  He loved Mickey Mouse at 2- that was the theme to his party.  He still loves mickey.  Is that bad? I don't know. 

He knew all his shapes at 2, and now he knows his numbers.  Colors are still hard for him.  Concrete things are much easier for him.. 

He was only finger feeding at 2, and now he can use his spoon well.

He was a good walker at 2, but now he can jump and he can run.

He didn't care too much about Logi before he could move around, and now he gives Logi hugs and hits too lol all the time.

He could sign more and all done, then but now at 4, has about 10 signs total with prompting.

He just picked up the /p/ sound at 2, and now can combine /p/ with many vowels.

I guess we have to look at it this way- the progress is slow.  It is very slow.  It is so hard to be a part of.  The doctor said Thurs, the kids have to keep working and the threshold will build and it will all be figured out.

Unfortunately Landon is so frustrated and aware, so i am working hard on that part.

Logi just turned 2 and he is making good progress in everything but language, so we will wait and see.

Happy weekend....

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