Thursday, July 23, 2015

2 months until 4

Today is the 23rd.  I do dread these days each month.  Logan is now 2-3 and Landon is now 3-10.  It is a quiet home.  There are laughs and giggles, and also tears and frustration.  There are so many things on the to do list that where do you start.  I have not a clue.  Today I was out trying to look for good places for Landon to go for the year after next, the year he is supposed to go to K.  I am applying for OPWDD support, which could help pay for some things, if he was approved.  So most of the morning was phone calls again.. and still have to work more on the IPAD and get Logi's picture book done.  I am so overwhelmed.  Each day, I wake up and think today with Logi- I have to work on the straw, the spoon, pointing, understanding language, following directions, play skills, core strength, etc etc
With Landon, I am working on jumping off an item, imitation of actions, imitation of speech, signs, the fork, the ipad, taking his shoes off, his shirt off, play skills, confidence, trying new things, body awareness, potty training.
It goes on and on.  It is so all encompassing.

Today we learned there is more testing to do.  I have to do more testing just to do it, so we will see.

I also learned that I could get meds for Landon with no big issue.  I am not a big fan of that, but I could get them.  Crazy.

To do this x2 is so hard.  If Logan was talking now,  I would be worried less, but my heart would be broken for Landon, so the boys do this together. We do this together.

I am exhausted.

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