Tuesday, May 26, 2015

phone calls and hitting

I got to work today, immediately overwhelmed by how much crap I have to do, kids to see, and today we had a field trip.

I also came in today knowing I had 5 phone calls to make.  Phone calls could be my life.  Most of them require a message let, a follow up, or something.  It is never just one phone call and that is it. 

So I had to call Logan's early intervention coordinator to figure out if it is best to get a new SLP. That was a 15 minute call- she is calling the SLP and will be back to me.

Left another message for ARISE horseback riding... playing phone tag, but need to see if this horse back riding place is better suited for us

Had to call Dr. Dosa to get genetic results- looks like all is fine with both boys genetically

Called the coordinator for the program I am trying to get Logi into for the fall to check on it, etc, etc. 

The phone calls don't end.

Landon has been hitting a lot.  It is not usually frustration, but more excitement, like his favorite part of a book comes up and he hits.  I don't know why.  He can express this with laughter and happiness, which he does, but then hits.  Ugh.  I got an email that he was hitting a lot today.  He does not mean to hurt anyone. 

I sent an email with his updated core vocab list.  You know, all the work, it never ends.

I mostly think I am planting seeds right now.  There is nothing else to do but plant the seeds and pray they work.  There are days and times that everything is impossible.  You hear whining and you want to just cry.  You have no idea how to program an AAC device and have to learn.  You spend all your money on therapy, trying so damn hard, for progress, not perfection, just progress.

This is so exhausting.

It is hard to explain.  We need some prayers with all the little things we are trying to handle and plan.


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