Monday, May 25, 2015

My child is no less amazing than yours

Precocious little children are everywhere.  I take my kids out all the time and inevitably we run into small children. I always kind of hold my breath as they approach, kind of hoping I will run into one who does not speak somewhere.  It seems so rare, yet I know how common developmental delays and disorders are, but maybe others just don't take their kids out.  I don't know.  When I see two typical kids together in a family, my heart hurts.  I look at those parents and think you have no idea at all.  They will be on their cell phones, not tuned in, not noticing the little things they are taking so for granted.  I once ran into a mother with a 16 month old.  I overheard her at the park saying apraxia, so I went over to her and asked about apraxia and her child.  She said oh I think he has apraxia. He is only saying about 20 words.  I looked at her and said that is highly unlikely.  He had no other signs because being pretty much on target for language.  I told her it is a serious disorder that she shouldn't just throw around.  That was a year ago.  Now everyone I know is pregnant.  Thrilled for them, yes I am.  Three good friends of mine are expecting babies.  Odds are eventually one of my friends or family will have a special needs child.  Autism is 1 in 42 for boys, so just that, will happen.  Apraxia is 1 in 1000 and I think I have that covered, but it would be nice to relate to someone else.  I try to tell people children are amazing, you love them like no other, but they don't solve all your problems.  In fact, I am pretty sure those who do not have children by choice are no less than happy than those who choose to and can have them.  It is all a lifestyle choice.

Anyways, my subject says that my children are no less amazing than yours.  I posted something on one of my groups the other day and I literally said I would give up my leg for my kids to talk.  Laura texted me and said she believes it.  It is a desperate feeling.  Kids who speak, everyone loves.  Oh my gosh, did you hear him.  The quotes show up on fb and get so many likes and comments.  People write them down in baby books to remember what the child said.  The children who communicate through other amazing ways are often overlooked.  It is true, I used to do it.  Shame on me.  These kids are probably more amazing-- they are not ordinary, but extraordinary.  Let's all endeavor to find the strengths in every child we meet, disability or not.  Every child is here for a reason, and mine are NOT here to make me a better person.  Side note I hate when people say that.  I do not want my kids to struggle to better me.  They are here because genetically they were manufactured this way, on top of environmental crap and vaccines, and who knows what else, and truthfully, we do not know.  God allowed them to come to develop as such as their mom, I Will do what any mother would do, and that is raise them to the best of my ability.  They deserve no less than that.

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