Sunday, March 2, 2014


My boys are 18 months apart, far too close.  I am praying in the future, I will think this was a great move on my part.  In some ways, it is good, because had I gotten to where I am now with Landon, I  honestly probably would not have a second; I would be too worried, so that's great that Logan came before i fully realized the impact of apraxia.  I think Logan has apraxia, too, so that makes me sad.  I am working so hard with boys of my kids and then when they are not right where they are supposed to be, it is so frustrating!!  I always wanted a third, and I think two things: 1) had my Mom been alive and we had more support from families, or people coming by to visit, offer to babysit, help us at all and 2)no apraxia,  I would have a third, but sadly, I am 95% sure we are done.  We are talking about Alex getting a V and being done.  Very sad, but we can't afford more kids, and I can't chance apraxia again.  Landon and Logan are both sick now, which means Landon talks less, which I hate.  We saw my sister and Nicky this weekend, and my dad stopped by for about a half hour; otherwise, we didn't see anyone.  Yesterday was fun at least. :) Sometimes it feels lonely.  Almost time for bed, then work for school, then sleep for me.

Here's Landon's therapy schedule- look how busy he is!  How will I ever do this in the summer!!

Monday- OT- 8AM
315- Speech @ SU

11am- speech

3pm- speech

1030- PT
11AM- Speech


And logan gets PT Tues/Thurs now.  blah blah.

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  1. I always thought I would have three kids since forever....but we are done at two as well. :( I still feel like I have enough love to adopt, but then that is expensive too :(. Just wanted to say I feel you.