Wednesday, March 12, 2014


This journey is wild!  Originally, I did not think we would still be here, but progress is happening, and for that, I am grateful.

Landon can blow a kiss now, do the motions to many songs, has been able to blow a bubble lately (not yesterday- he kept trying too and got frustrated), beginning to pucker, he is taking bites of everything, and attempting to imitate.  His most consistent words are mama and yea. His core is improving by doing wheelbarrows walks, flips, doing work while laying on the exercise ball.  He is trying to use his spoon at home.  Landon is a great kid and we are moving forward.  In speech on Thursday, he said go, yea, da/dog, eda/elmo, me and you, grr for tiger's roar, wa/want.  His speech is highly unintelligible and has many vowel distortions as evident even in this small sample.  I am trying to teach the vowels to him, because vowels are what hurts intelligibility the most.

I went to two programs yesterday.. both would be great for landon.  Anything is better than the daycare he is in, with has such limited experiences, and toys, and no knowledge of how to help him.

JOWONIO: private, inclusive preschool.  He could go into the 2.5 hour program, or maybe the 5 hour program.  In 2.5 hour, the ratio is 5 kids with services, with a total of 10 kids.  At least 4 adults in the room.  SLPs are PROMPT trained.  There is a sensory gym, lots and lots of toys, and it's kind of a free flowing experience.  If he stayed there, he could go into the longer day classroom the next year, they have before/after school programs he could join, and I could go back to work.  Negatives: seemed less academic, a lot more needy kids, in that, I could pick out who is getting services and who is not.  It would be a 5 day program.

CHILDREN'S VILLAGE @ PARK HILL:  Preschool, not as inclusive, but half time would be.  It is a 2.5 hour program.  Therapist not trained specifically in apraxia, but came and met with me, was very nice, did attend David Hammer's talk in October, and seems to be using "Moving across syllables" and building words off the sounds present.  She mentioned some cues, but not specific.  Program is an 8:1:1, 8 kids with services, 1 teacher, 1 assistant.  Every other Friday, they close to meet as a team.  2 days a week, it's just the kids with services, the other days, 16 other typical kids from the district join the classroom.  OT/PT space seemed nice and the teacher was nice too.  Less severe kids, amazing gym.  It's only 2.5 even the next year, so he would have to transition somewhere else so I can go work...


I have a few more to look at, but these are my top choices and are less than 2 miles from my home...

My little man working hard...


  1. Hi! Visiting from the Apraxia Bloggers page. I think the PROMPT trained preschool woul be best. My son is also severely apraxic and will be 4 soon. He is thriving in a special education center, but we have no one locally who is trained in PROMPT.
    I am sure whichever you choose, he will blossom!