Saturday, February 1, 2014

Baby of mine,  You make me so proud.  You work so, so, so hard, and are so determined.  You are relentless.  Can't wait till you can say whatever you want, and we can go tell you know who that you are very smart and not going to be held back forever.  I know that about that.  I love in those green eyes and all I see is love.  I love you more than anything (you and Logan) and I feel so connected to you.  I know that is because we get each other.  You have healed me, and I am now trying to help you.  You are so precious; remember, God makes no mistakes, and you are who you are meant to be.  I love you so.  Yesterday was a great day for speech, and a day I need to remember.  you wanted the IPAD, and asked for it as clear as day, even with the diphthong and the /p/.  AHH- What hard work!! I know we may not hear it again for awhile, but I was so impressed with you.  then you said /daddy/ with the /ee/ at the end, another tough sound.  Wow!! Somedays you say a lot, and somedays you are very frustrated.  I know that goes with the territory.  When you are frustrated, I just wrap you up, hug you, and we sing our troubles away.  We will get there.  I am excited for the new school year for you, although then you will be 3 and even bigger.  That's my own conflict.  I want to enjoy you now.  You love to hug me, kiss me, be with me, and are so happy.  I don't want to let you go yet.  You said 11 words clearly yesterday, so I had to blog, and there it is.
You, my Landon, are my sunshine.

love, your proud mommy

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