Sunday, January 19, 2014

I don't read back

Someday I may go back and read previous posts.  I don't like to post here much, because the progress is slow and daunting with CAS.  Words still come and go, as do sounds.  Overall goals right now for me, are to increase his overall motor imitation and mouth imitation.  Landon is doing well with sticking his tongue out when you do it in the mirror. He can lateralize it too.  He has no control over his lips, so that's an area I need to work on a lot.  We are also working on his core, doing different exercises, and his self help skills.  He is able now to roll up his sleeves on his own and attempts to pull his pants up.  Spoon feeding is consistent at daycare! He even tried to poke the food with the fork.  He wants to use the utensils, but doesn't initiate it on his own.
Just wanted to say how difficult this is.  I ate only organic fruits with Landon, exercises throughout, was ultra healthy, and this still happened.  I don't try to purposely ignore my son, Logan, either, for I fear he be headed in this direction; however, it's hard to have to put so much extra time into one child.  We have to practice things daily, or skills get lost.  He loses the motor plan.  I don't like to leave Landon with many people because no one understands him or really even tries to.  It's frustrating.  He's a smart boy.  I wish I knew all he knew.  I don't know if he knows the difference between a baseball and a football, because I always say "ball," since that's much easier to produce.  Ugh. frustrating.  I love him to a million pieces and I'd never change him, just wish I could take this burden on and he could never be frustrated.

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