Saturday, February 15, 2014


Family try to understand, but most don't.  My mom passed away when I was 23, 7 years ago now, and I know she would get it.  i know she would be there researching with me, reading reports, meeting therapists, and helping me through it.  I know that.  I know that she would see all the good I see in my son, and wouldn't focus on how many words he says.   My dad doesn't really get it.  I think maybe he is concerned, but he doesn't understand.  he just asks is he talking? then wonders why logan isn't crawling.  I work with my kids more than anyone i know.  I don't expect Logan just to crawl and have been doing exercising and showing him how for months.  That's when I knew we needed PT, because he wasn't picking it up.  My kids don't believe in centers; they don't thrive there.  Logan probably lost some of his development being stuck there.  Now, he has the chance to catch up with gross motor.  Everyone is different, but I am obviously not ignoring my kids.  They don't pick things up on their own.  They need the extra support.  I am sick of the comments.  That's why I like to just stay home and play with my kids on my own.  No judgement at all.  I can do as I please.

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