Tuesday, February 4, 2014

today sucks

My friend i met on my apraxia group, Laura, told me to blog the other day when Landon had a great day.  Glad I did because today sucked.  My school was crazy, kids were running the hall everywhere, my student teacher needed help with discipline,  I was exhausted, then rushed to a meeting about my Landon.  All his therapists were there.  I personally think he is sick of being inside and needs to get out to the park again and everything else.  Is this sensory? I don't know.  Kristen, the teacher, talked about his progress with imitating and kind of acting as a liaison with the teacher, Erin.  Juliet talked about his overall progress in play and attempting more sounds, etc.  He struggled last week.  Lori, the new SLP, is still getting to know him,but it sounds like he is doing well with her.  She uses PROMPT and is stricter.  I broke down reading the OT's note, but that's because I hate to see him cry.  Then we made goals.  Then Erin his teacher decides to talk and hands out a little sheet she typed up, full of negative shit about him.  He lets a star fall from the top shelf to the bottom, he spins, he walks away from peers in large groups, he plays too much peekaboo.  It really, really, really hurt and seemed pointless.  She was not asking for help or strategies, just went on about it.  What the hell... apraxia and SPD go hand in hand.  I can't wait till Landon can talk and say F*** YOU!!!! None of this is his fault at all!!! It's not his fault he got our genetics.  I would give him my voice if I could and I will not talk.  UGH.  Then he had his PT eval and qualified.  It's just another thing, but hope it helps.  My head is killing me now and I had no energy to play.  We did not get home till almost 5 and he was exhausted.  I let him watch tv.  Somedays I just don't have it in me.

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