Friday, February 14, 2014

gut feeling

I think I ought to rename to this blog to cover both of my boys' journeys.  My sweet little Logi Bear qualified for PT yesterday, in a very different way than Landon did.  He has overall more strength and persistence, but less core strength than Landon had.  He could raise his arms up, but kind of tilts his body to do so.  His back is also all sore, like cracking and they did massage on him, and he does not have good posture, as he is trying very hard to hold his heavy body up and has low tone like Landon and like me.  I was thinking of adding speech, and he was close to needing OT, but they said once he can weight bear more on his hands and has more strength, the other pieces should pick up.  I will give it about 6 weeks on the self feeding and speech, then make a referral if needed.  Cognitively, he was advanced for the parts he could do.  He is like Landon, he turns pages to a book already at 9 months and attends to a whole story.  He looks back at me all the time when someone praises him to make sure I am watching. He gives great hugs and kisses and socially, he is just so engaging.  My gut says he has apraxia too.  I am not letting him out of services until he is where he is supposed to be.  I love them both.  Clearly this is genetics and I pray to God to take care of the rest.  I would not trade my kids for anything.

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