Monday, December 28, 2015

haven't posted as much

I am still here.  I am usually thinking what more could I do?  Is there something i am missing?  I really, really wish we had a CASANA trained SLP nearby, because I would love an expert involved; however, Landon has good school SLPs and me, and I think speech is really, really hard for him. BUT I do see progress.  He is using a lot more signs. He is trying very hard to imitate.  He stops, looks at your mouth, and tries.  He really struggles to imitate.  He is saying "no" now everyday, not every time, but every day.  He amazes me.  His gross motor skills are coming along so well.  We went to an indoor huge play area today, and I don't think anyone knew he had a disability.  He was quick, strong, appropriate, and did everything everyone else did.  We are working hard on his speech and his play skills.  I am proud of Landon.

Logi is using his iPAD well at school and I just bought him his own and the school paid for the app.  Now I have 2 little ones with Ipads. Amazing.  Not what I expected, but I would not give them back if I could.
So we press on.

I promise to write more soon,


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