Wednesday, October 28, 2015

this is so hard

This journey is so up and down, but if there was a trajectory towards up, man, this would be easier.  Logi is moving up now.  He can use a cup, a spoon, and is imitating his peers.  He is very social.  He IS SO FAR BEHIND on Language-- so so so far, much further than Landon at this age, but yet, there is progress, so there is not as much worry.  Weird right?  He does not point, but he tries anything and isn't so afraid.  

Landon is so frustrated.  Being hit is becoming a constant thing.  We have the IPAD, signs, pecs, everything, but it doesn't say what he wants to say, and he is hitting.  He goes to time out and sobs.  It is a sick cycle.  I had to stay home from work today because I had a migraine because I cried watching him in school yesterday, cried in a meeting with his support teacher, etc.  She said- he is making progress.... to me, it is not enough.  It is so not enough.  I am going into high strung mode now, but i don't know what to do.  It feels like he is slipping through my fingers and I can't help him.  He is there all day now, and you pray school is the best, right?  It's scary.

It has been a stressful week.


  1. Been thinking about you. So sorry to hear this :(

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