Friday, August 21, 2015

When it is not just a home

We have to move.  I have been sad thinking about this, and my eyes have welled up in tears often.  I don't want to move.  I love my house, I love my neighborhood, I love my city.  I know I am not abandoning the city by moving to the suburbs, but I love to say that I live in city, that I can walk everywhere, that I feel very safe here, etc.  I love the way our neighborhood is always out and about, seeing everyone, that we look out for each other, that we have weekly neighborhood meetings.  I love all of that.  i am not a suburbs girl.  I know that I have to move before the kids start school, because the behaviors have gotten bad in our schools, and because my kids would not get the services that they could get elsewhere.  I do know that.  Of course, I had a dream to go to private schools, and that's not it now.  This is a hard time for me.  I hate change.  i hate to uproot the kids.  Where else can we walk to church, the park, to get ice cream, the library, the store, to see family, etc?  I am praying God will help me through this.... deep breath and gotta do what is best for the boys.


  1. We moved about a month ago. Leading up to it, I cried, I fought against it, etc. But then I felt God saying where we were going next is where we would finally flourish. We'd been struggling, contending, for everybody, our marriage, our health, progress in both boys, EVERYTHING. And sure, there's a lot of stress in moving, but I'm so glad we did. My boys get so much more speech therapy in our new county, my oldest is in a wonderful preschool that is really working to help him meet all his IEP goals, and both boys' language and speech is FINALLY taking off. It's worth the move, just for that. I just read this devotional recently, thought I'd pass it your way and hope it encourages you. Best of luck!!

  2. Thank you so much!!! So nice to have support! XO XO