Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I spent the morning at Landon's daycare, well from 10am-1130am.  It is not a bad place.  My child is not typical right now.  It is hard to say and harder to feel.  He is not doing what all the other boys are doing, and it must be sad for him.  He was in OT when I arrived and the OT is not very positive or a happy person.  Maybe happy, but just like "oh, not his day..."  I think, what a waste.  Then he got his diaper changed for his walk.  I walked with him.  He just held onto the rope and kept walking.  Kinda boring.  Blah blah. it was cold. Got back in. The teacher pulled out 4 books, completely unrelated and read them. He listened for 2, then walked away and got a car. The kids are naming colors, shapes, their names, their parents' names, etc. So crazy.  I know Landon is smart, but he can give up, because it is so hard for him.

It's hard. I guess that is the message.

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