Monday, October 28, 2013


Landon is getting OT- 2X PER WEEK, SPEECH 2X per week, and Teacher 1x per week.

Everything feels very hodge podge.  He is at daycare, they come pick him up, work with him, drop him off, no communication to teacher.  He is making SOME progress, but it is slow, as I guess i should expect with apraxia.  His play skills do not seem that different from his peers, except that he is not talking.  He is also very quiet at school :(  Alex went to observe today and he was not impressed.  He said the OT is horrible.  The teacher brought an actual pumpkin for him to put pieces in and he was not interested, and that is all she had.  Landon and all the kids pretty much play by themselves and there's not a lot of input going on.

 I called the service coordinator last week about the OT and there is no one else available, but there is a spot open at Exploring your world at Enable.  It is a program for kids getting services and also "typical" children. It is monday/wed/fri 830-11 and he could get his therapy there. He could also get Erin back.  The question is- do I quit my job, take him to that and then stay home with the boys the other two days?
Do I see if Alex's dad can transport him? (big responsibility) Do I put him on a bus? (don't think so). Will that help or is that just more change?  I don't know, but the situation right now is not working. Boo

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